[PIC/NEWS] Zhou Bi Chang and Hangeng dominate music charts


《亚 运有我精彩之吉》by Zhou BiChang and Hangeng quickly became a song that took much notice after it’s release on 1st of June. It even received the recommendation from various websites and radio stations, ‘attacking’ various major music charts in just one day. After the MV was released on the 4th, the popularity of this song rose even higher. Right now, 《亚运有我精彩之吉》has topped 20 music charts, and set a new record in the Chinese music industry.

Zhou BiChang and Hangeng’s Asian Games song rises in popularity ‘towards the sky’

As the new stars who are greatly interested in the Asian Games, Zhou BiChang and Hangeng accepted Huang LaoJi’s invitation, and agreed to work with the organisers. Although the two of them were at both ends of the seas and had tight work schedules, they still took time off and completed the recording, coming together to show support for the Asian Games. After the song was released, the performance of both singers and the confidence and strength in the song quickly infected millions of people, creating a lot of interest, and hence becoming the hottest song around.

《亚运有我精彩之吉》topping 20 major music charts

Currently, Zhou BiChang and Hangeng’s Asian Games theme song not only topped various major music charts, it even showed signs of continuation. According to compiled results, the number of trial listens on the song’s website has exceeded over a million, and the numbers are still constantly rising. As for the radio stations, this song has already topped 20 music charts*, while reaching second place in 270 other music stations. The places are still continually rising, becoming the nation’s DJ and people’s most noted popular song.

As the performers of the song, Zhou BiChang and Hangeng are very happy that it achieved such great results. They also mentioned that the most important task now is to advertise the Asian Games, and they hope that through 《亚运有我精彩之吉》, they are able to gather the people to take note of the Asian Games as well.

*I didn’t list out the names of the 20 radio stations, but if you’re interested, they’re in GuangDong, HeBei, NeiMeng, LiaoNing , ZheJiang, AnHui , FuJian, JiangXi, ShanDong, HuNan, GuangXi, HaiNan, ChongQing, GuiZhou, SiChuan, YunNan, GanSu, HongKong, AoGuang, and Taiwan.

Source: Ent 163
Translation: bulletproof@ sj-world.net


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