[PICS+TRANS] 100614 Dream Concert on Play Magazine


2010 Dream Concert : Where all idol groups come together
From the association of Korean Media comes the <Dream Concert>, the biggest event of the Kpop world, plus the World Cup that’s also about to start, so this year’s theme was <To cheer for the World Cup>. including Rain, <SJ> Super Junior, SS501, 2PM, SNSD, Wonder Girls etc. More than 20 groups and 115 artists. The atmosphere was on fire that day!

Heechul’s 3rd year in a row hosting, livening up the atmosphere with Taecyeon
This year’s Dream Concert was hosted by SJ member Heechul, 2PM member Ok Taecyeon and female star Shin Se Kyung. It is Heechul’s third year in a row MCing. On the night of the concert due to the rain, the stage was extremely slippery. The preparation time of the staff and the artists took extremely long. All thanks to Heechul and Taecyeon’s entertainment, the atmosphere was lively.
That day the fans were sure about Heechul’s MCing skills. As for Shin Se Kyung’s first year, she was MCing nervously and wouldn’t put down her cue cards. Sometimes speechless, Heechul sweetly helps by singing songs and complimenting her to break the ice. Fans left messages on the websites saying that because of the rain this year, time in between performances has increased and Heechul has wittily saved the Dream Concert.

SJ performs Miinah!
When recently popular 2PM comes up on stage, nobody would have thought that fans would shout and scream ex-leader Jaebeom’s name to show their support; SNSD member changed to white outfits causing male fans to shout madly also. SHINee, BEAST, CNBlue, KARA, 4Minute, T-ara and other groups also took turns on stage.
That night all 10 SJ members turned up on stage wearing all white, becoming “Prince Charmings” and performing their 4th Album hit “Miinah!”. While they performed tens of thousands of fans sang along with them. You could say that was the peak of atmosphere that night. But rain was heaviest during their performance, the dance had more dance moves than others and member Eunhyuk slipped, causing fans to scream.

CREDITS : PLAY magazine June IssueShared by: xGabriella@sj-world.netTranslated by: xGabriella@sj-world.netTAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS.


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