[NEWS] 100622 Songlist for MBC Music Travel Lalala w/SJ + members’ postscripts


MBC “Music travel lalala – The first half year special” which featuring Super Junior members (K.R.Y & Donghae & Sungmin) will be aired at 12:35 on June 23th or 00:35 on June 24th.

The songs that Super Junior will perform in the show

– 그대 내게 다시 (Back to me again/You and me again)
from Byeon Jinseob 5th album
performed by Super Junior & Park Saebyeol

– 사랑인가요 (Perharps love)
from Park Saebyeol 1st album
performed by Super Junior & Park Saebyeol

– Miinah (Bonamana)
from Super Junior 4th album
performed by Super Junior & Park Saebyeol

Super Junior memebrs’ postscript after filming the show

I must thank the production crew of “Music travel lalala” because they have created a special place like this where idol’s music can meet indie music and communicate with each other.
Personally I…quite like the voice of Saebyeol noona ^^
I had a good time all the way from rehearsal to filming !
Music travel lalala thank you.♥

I was so nervous that I dont know what I said or how I sang. ^^
Thank you Saebyeol-sshi for singing together with me.
While we were performing, I felt like a small child whose heart pounds and trembles while they’re singing.

Music travel lalala ! This is the second time I’ve appeared on the show and being together with Saebyeol noona made it even more meaningful.
I had a great time because I could sing good songs with good people in a good setting.

When I was in school I was in a band, so it was really great because while I was singing with this band all my former memories came back.
I hope there will be more special chances and stages like this again in the future.

Before we were an idol dance group, but I sang in the state of mind of a singer.
By stripping ourselves of any genre we’re able to stand together on stage and become one through a good song, so it was a good time.

source : here and here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
may take out with full credits and dont add in your own credits



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