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Hangeng cooperating with MJ’s dance crew; 2 billion redemption fee is a fake news

Hangeng feeling fans eating lemons

Hangeng learning the old style disco dance

Interaction with fans

Showing the dance steps in the new album

Hangeng, who decided to walk his own path, is having a good mood recently. After the announcement in Great Walls that he decided to work on his own, Hangeng was invited to be a guest in Happy Camp on 24 June. Thousands of fans gathered in the studio, as the broadcasting studio needs to raise the security level. Facing his good friends like He Jiong etc, Hangeng, who had been all gloomy and silent during the previous half year, happily mentioned that his new album which will be out this July, will feature the dancing team that MJ hired before he passed away. About the news that he needs to pay 2 billion as redemption fee, Hangeng straightly denied saying that it’s not true.

New album featuring MJ’s dancing team

Although the contract with his company hasn’t yet terminated, the announcement that Hangeng had made in the Great Wall had already shown his determination. Hangeng’s schedule for these few months is being highly concerned by people, and he will be releasing his new album this July, as well as holding his own concert. Being the guest of Happy Camp this time, Hangeng mentioned some details of him studying in US earlier before, and telling us some of the details of new album. As the first album after he left the group, Hangeng showed us two styles during the show, one is the black concept which is more fashionable, while the other is the white concept with pure style. These style obviously let people thinks about Nirvana and Rebirth.

Other than that, Hangeng said he invited the dancing crew of MJ, which is the same team that appeared in the movie This Is it after MJ’s death. According to the introduction, that crew is the leading dance team in the world, and Hangeng is the only artist other than MJ that cooperates with them, making the fans going wild and happy about it. Although the songs and the concrete message of the album is still kept confidential till now, it is said that the dance steps is choreographed by MJ’s former choreographer, as the dance includes some boxing ideas, and Hangeng only spent four hours to learn the whole dance.
In order to coordinate with the release date of Hangeng’s album, Happy Camp will be postponed to 24 June, nighttime, and by the time the show will include Hangeng’s live singing performance of the new album.

2 Billion Termination payment is purely fictional

Being a popular male artist, Hangeng will surely make girl fans scream wildly wherever he goes, nevertheless, there are lots of rumors about him. During the show, he, together with his friends He Jiong and Xie Na talks about their embarrassing and absurd cases. Hangeng responded to all the rumors that he had encountered so far, he even said the most unbelievable rumor is about a rich girl, “It is said that this girl is willing to pay whatever sum of money to take me home, I really don’t understand why such people who doesn’t even exist would suddenly appear, and of course, all of this isn’t real”

Besides, the case with his own company is still being concerned by the public, but Hangeng didn’t talk much on this topic, instead, he did talk about all kinds of news of him during the time when he is working individually. There was a news saying that Hangeng needs to pay 2 billion as termination payment, and the said person denied this news. “ There is also a saying that I’m raising payments on the activities I attend in order to pay the fees, I don’t even know where these news come from, but none of them is real.”

Credits to Sina news
Shared by gengfan★@sj-world.net
Translated by 3uman@sj-world.net



Los Angeles, June 22, former Super Junior member Han Geng, has a press conference at the Mu Tian Yu in the Great Wall, to say that his new album and concert will be released in July and he will start fresh, as a new individual artist. Han Geng is currently trying to get a contract termination from Korean company, SM Entertainment. His lawyer, said that the outcome could happen in the near future. He also received some new information from the Korean side, Han Geng will have to pay a large amount of money as compensation, however, Han Geng expressed that he shouldn’t lose confidence, and that he shouldn’t have to pay anything. Han Geng expressed his thanks, and hope that his SJ members will come see his concert.

On June 22, in the afternoon, Han Geng appeared at Mu Tian Yu in the Great Wall, to his album “Han Xin” coming out at the end of July. Dressed in a gray suit, he appeared slightly nervous, although he was smiling the entire time. He said he was now “very happy”, “very happy”. As for the concert, Han Geng said that in addition there are some of his own songs, although he’s not that wellknown. He’s started preparing for everything in January and even learned about music. He hopes his music will be good. But he was very mysterious about the guest that will appear in his concert.
Han Geng’s concert will take place on July 17 at the Beijing Exhibition Hall. The time to buy tickets is not official yet. On July 27 will be the day Han Geng’s album comes out. In the album, there’s a mixture of jazz, ballads, and R&B as well as other styles. They even invited Michael Jackson’s choreographers to create the dances. Yuan Wei, Fang Wen Shan, and Di Zi, as well as other well-known producers, have joined in the production of the album. Han Geng said his music in the album are the ones he’s always wanted to do. When Han Geng was asked whether or not he was worried about other young new faces appearing (as in competing with him) he replied with a smile “It’s okay, I have a baby face! Also, I believe that I still have the power to dance” It seems like Han Geng has a lot of confidence, especially with picking the Great Wall as the location to start his new singing career.
Although the road for starting over is hard, Han Geng still has not given up. He has not yet joined a new company. Because of this, he’s been learning more information about the entertainment business from his friends, who’ve helped him a lot. Friends such as Jackie Chan, Kevin Tsai, Show Luo, Yu Quan, and the Happy Camp Family have sent their support through a VCR. Jackie Chan also expressed that he hopes the two of them will be able to collaborate in the future. That same day, there was also a number of fans that showed up to cheer Han Geng on. There were also many people that put words supporting Han Geng on walls.

Also, Han Geng at the press conference also received the Great Wall baton《长城守护者的接力棒》and a certificate from the World Expo volunteers. Along with singing the theme song of the Asian Games. The new Han Geng has put a lot of effort in community work.
But right now, SM Entertainment and Han Geng are still in the middle of their contract lawsuit. Another news is that the Korean side is asking for a large compensation, 20 Billion won. Han Geng’s lawyer said at the conference that Korean law doesn’t provide trial time, but SM Entertainment has used some tricks to delay the date of the judgement. The Korean side said they decided that they will “delay justice so it comes later, there might be the possiblity that they might need courage. They have to make the right decisions at the right times”.

Han Geng said that he will believe in the lawyers’ decision, he said that there had been former Korean celebrities that have also terminated their contracts with the same company, and that their contracts were sucessfully terminated. So he believes that he won’t need to pay compensation. Han Geng was confident that he’s not in a bad situation.
Although the lawsuit is still going on, Han Geng is grateful towards SM Entertainment, they’ve helped him succeed, but he terminated his contract because of lack of respect and friction. Han Geng revealed that other Super Junior members were happy for his solo concert and blessed him. Han Geng wished that Super Junior will be able to attend his concert.

source: 来自新浪娱乐/dkpopnews.net
translations by: elf101586 @ Sapphirepearls.com
Shared by `PinkChocolate@SJ-WORLD.net
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Surprise VCR: The organizers presented Han Geng with a nice VCR where some of his friends in the entertainment industry congratulated him and wished him luck! Some of the familiar faces that appeared were Joey Yung, Kenny Kwan, Huang Yi, the Happy Camp family, Meng Tinwei, Guo Degang, An Youqi, Yu Quan, Xie Nan, and, they saved the best for last, Jackie Chan!

On the Lawsuit: Talking about this case, a fake verdict(?) could be fast. But half of the year is gone and Han Geng still hasn’t gotten a clear response. It was said that, the other party used some underhanded means. It was stated that in February, the judge in charge of the case was changed suddenly.

Concert details: When asked if there would be any special guests for his concert, Han Geng said there will be.

Album details: In He Jiong’s opinion, he worked with a fantastic production team for his album. According to Han Geng, he worked with Yuan Wei Ren, a producer from America, and also Michael Jackson’s choreographer. He added that Han Geng’s been the second artist he’s worked with after Michael Jackson. As for what style of music his album will be? here will be fast songs suitable for dancing, though he also hopes to try out jazz, R&B, folk songs, and ballads.

Album release: July 27th, 2010 (Asian Wide Release)!

Credit to: Baidu
Translation by: huiwensg @ geng_bao
Shared by: Zunjiwu @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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Singer Hankyung came out to an official event after he filed a suit against SM Entertainment and revealed his upcoming activity.

Hankyung held a press conference in Great Wall Mutianyu with Chinese media and his attorney present on the 22nd. He discussed the release of his solo album and his lawsuit against SM. Hankyung revealed, “After today, I will be officially doing solo activity.”

Also, he revealed that, “on July 17th and the 18th, I will be having a concert where my fans can preview my solo album titled 庚心 which will be officially released on the 27th. His attorney added that, “even though the lawsuit against SM is ongoing, Hankyung releasing his solo album and doing solo activity is all legal.”

After Hankyung was involved in a lawsuit against SM for cancellation of his contract, many rumors surfaced such as ‘someone is helping Hankyung from behind,’ and ‘he signed a contract as a member in a group of 8 people.’ During the press conference, he discussed the rumors surrounding him.

Hankyung claimed that, “the rumor of me trying to gather $2,000,000 to pay the penalty fee for canceling the contract is not true.” He explained that, “if I win against SM, I don’t have to pay a dime. So that will not happen.”

Lastly he said, “I’ve been practicing my choreography since January and my upcoming solo album will not be related to Super Junior. The album will be comprised of songs for me.”

Meanwhile, Hankyung has filed a lawsuit against his management company SM Entertainment on December of last year to nullify the effect of his contract. Afterwards, he stayed in China for 7 months instead of joining Super Junior on stage.

Source: Sports Chosun
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
Shared by m4rs8x @ sj-world.net
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