[PIC/NEWS] 100716 Donghae “Sorry Sorry, for doing a pictorial alone”


Donghae who is ‘in charge of beauty’ in Super Junior has made a surprise ‘solo’ on High Cut.

The title of the pictorial was ‘Un-expected Man’ and Donghae was showing a sweet but extravagant side as a boy.

By using the 6 years of preparation as an idol there was the freedom to shoot photos and use props and this has made the staff surprised.

The ‘Tough guy’ who said that if there is a girl he loves he will shout “I love you!” in the middle of MyungDong, he is happy to live as an idol but next time the ‘Extravagant Guy’ wants to be born as a football player, a ‘Popular Guy’ who has around 18 thousand followers on Twitter, a ‘Passionate Guy’ who wants to challenge himself to movies and dramas. The 24 year old, fresh like the Donghae (East Sea) will have his summer pictorial revealed online on the 33rd issue of High Cut.

Translations: Seungeun Lee@SJWORLD.NET
Source: Yahoo Media


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