[NEWS/PICS] 100723 Hangeng’s “Big star’s bday party” to air on 25th: synopsis


Hangeng guests on <Big Star’s Birthday Party>

Hangeng confesses he wants to work with Zhang Man Yu the most.

A while ago, Han Geng guested on Shenzhen TV’s <Big Star’s Birthday Party>. An hour into the recording session, the manager dragged Han Geng off stage because he was unhappy with Niu Meng Meng being there. The recording had to stop because of that. At first we thought it’d be hard to present a full episode of Birthday Party, but due to the program’s hardwork, this episode of Hangeng’s Birthday Party is finished. Han Geng’s real side is displayed to the audience on July 25th. A thing worth mentioning is that, this is Shenzhen TV’s first time broadcasting an episode that has unfinished recording.

Hangeng exposed that he “sleeps naked”, causing fans to uproar
On the day of recording, there was a game session that had Geng wear a red bib. Han Geng who is handsome on stage, and is an expert at dancing, had to model a red bib. He also had to display a lot of “gay” poses which made the MCs “speechless”. However, the fans below the stage were very supportive of Han Geng’s “change”, cheering and applauses exploded. In the following segments, Han Geng also exposed his secrets: “Was in a relationship twice; first time was in the 90s, second time was in the year 2000. ”
Seeing that Han Geng revealed it with no hesitation, the MC asked a more “personal” question: “Then, what color are your pajamas?” Han Geng said on purpose, “There’s no color, because I don’t sleep with pajamas on.” Causing the crowd to explode in screams. Han Geng’s truthful answers pleased the MCs.

Han Geng expressed that he wants to collaborate with Lady GaGa
On the day of recording, Han Geng was very hyper on stage. Besides pretending to be a “shampoo” and interacting with MC Xie Nan, he also answered a lot of the hard questions, questioned at him during the “Truth or Dare” game. When asked which artist he wants to collaborate with, Han Geng revealed that it’s Lady Gaga. Which caused MC Da Zuo to say: “Your tastes are very unique.” Han Geng explained: “Lady Gaga is a very good artist. She’s very bold, and has personality. I really wish to work with her.”

Han Geng wants to work with Zhang Man Yu on a drama
This year, Han Geng has definitely opened all the doors in his career. His concert was just finished, his new album is going to be released, and a while ago he expressed, that he plans to act, in an event that he did. At <Big Star’s Birthday Party>’s recording, Han Geng expressed that he wants to act together with Zhang Man Yu: “I really want to try different styles, I’m fine with playing an ugly person, I just want to break out of my current image. In Mainland, I want to work with Zhang Man Yu. I really like her acting skills and charisma, I believe I can learn a lot of things from her.” Han Geng’s serious, and sincere expressions made the audience applaud profusely.

On this episode, the staff has brought good wishes from Han Geng’s distant relatives, teachers, and friends. Showing the audience Han Geng’s filial, and hardworking side to the audiences that like him. For more exciting details, please watch Shenzhen TV’s <Big Star’s Birthday Party> on July 25th at 20:40 (8:40 PM).

credit: http://ent.qq.com
& prince☆china@sj-world.net



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