[FANACCOUNT] 100726 SJ outside SBS building after Inkigayo


It was after the SBS Inkigayo performance. All fans started to wait for SJ boys at the carpark area. There were alot of E.L.F i shall say. ^^
All cameras/DSLRs/Video Cams were ready to for them.LOL

After around 10 minutes of waiting, the first car came out, it was Leeteuk car. There were Shindong and Yehsung in the same car as well.
Leeteuk stand inside the car with Yehsung, and he was holding 2 handphone. One is the Samsung Android phone(right hand), the one SJ endorse in SG and a Blue phone (left hand). He use the Android handphone and take either pictures or video of ELF at the carpark. Practically all ELF were screaming when teuk kept waving and waving, sung who was beside him wave too[ but i was too focus on teuk so i did not really notice Sung] Shindong wind down the screen of the van and look at fans. He was waving as well, very sweet..

The Next car was Kyu!! When they car came out, he wind down the screen smiling and waving at fans! He was sitting at the passenger’s seat beside the driver. Anyone who saw his smile yesterday would scream, coz he look like a little boy waving to all of us!
Sungmin who was in the same car, wave as well! ^^ but i coudnt see well coz he didnt wind down the screen like kyu!

Elfs ran towards both vans, the situation was getting very serious actually. Teuk car pass very fast and beat the red light. But Kyu van stop at the traffic light, so he continuously wave at fans. There were even some fans who stand on the street to wave at him. There was a police car, coincidentally, becoz it was getting soo dangerous the police switch on the siren which scare + shock me of course. Before the car start to move, kyu gave a final wave and a smile.

It was an awesome day.. They did not change out of their performance costume btw..
Their awesome last stage + fanservice = SJ awesomeness..



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