Sapphireblueelf going on full HIATUS starting tomorrow


HI guys ^^

this might be kinda sudden, but yup, this blog is going to be on full hiatus starting tmro TT.TT

it’s been awesome fun updating fellow ELFs on Super Junior here for the past 8 months, but I’m sorry that I don’t have enough time to update fulltime, as I still have school (and exams X.X)….so I’ve decided to keep this blog on hiatus …- I won’t shut it down, as there are still dwld links and things that might be useful to people here ^^

the GOOD news is, that I’ve joined 13flowerboys as an author, so I will still be keeping up my job of posting, just not on my own~~~Please refer to that blog for further updates, photos, vids etc. on Suju!!!

Sorry for the trouble………..sapphireblueelf


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