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[MOD] Do ELF love KPop too? Help us to spread KPop to the World! Be an author for a brand new KPop web!

September 18, 2010


Hi guys ^^ just helping spreading this post from join!

Having a board meeting with few of 13fb family, we decided to open a new sub-web.

But, apparently,  this new sub-web is not about Super Junior..ONLY!

It’s a Kpop related site.

Kpop news compilation.

We need more that 5 new authors to join us.

We’re opening this offer session untill 18th Sept midnight.

If there’re less than 5 Kpop addicts applied, we’ll cancel this project.

Please give us full cooperation.

Leave us your name, origin and e-mail address here

Please sign up at after you leave your email address.

Thanks – please don’t reply to this post as it will not be counted, but reply here.

p/s : don’t forget to invite your friends


Sapphireblueelf going on full HIATUS starting tomorrow

August 3, 2010

HI guys ^^

this might be kinda sudden, but yup, this blog is going to be on full hiatus starting tmro TT.TT

it’s been awesome fun updating fellow ELFs on Super Junior here for the past 8 months, but I’m sorry that I don’t have enough time to update fulltime, as I still have school (and exams X.X)….so I’ve decided to keep this blog on hiatus …- I won’t shut it down, as there are still dwld links and things that might be useful to people here ^^

the GOOD news is, that I’ve joined 13flowerboys as an author, so I will still be keeping up my job of posting, just not on my own~~~Please refer to that blog for further updates, photos, vids etc. on Suju!!!

Sorry for the trouble………..sapphireblueelf

[MOD]Slow Internet…..

July 10, 2010

HI everyone~~~!
Sorry for not updating in the last couple of days…I’ve used up my whole broadband for this month, so my internet is REALLY slow at the moment….X.X
It’s going to get renewed on the 15th (another 5 days….sigh) so i will post again then…..hope that’s ok!!

Wish our lovely and 4D Heedictator a happy birthday!!!~~~~~

[MOD] Kibum and Yesung Bday wishes~

June 21, 2010

please follow link here (this will lead you to another SJ blog~~~)

[MOD] I’m baaaack!

June 10, 2010

HI everyone!!!

I’m back now~~~exams were stressful……..but they’re over now and i’ll be able to post again~~~

But I cannot be sure that I can post everyday…………………because I’ve decided to focus on school until the end of the year ^^

UPDATES: – I am going to upload subbed videos of shows and programs with SJ (from 3jib) on request, and I will be helping to translate some things…(well, I hope to be anyway)

And I’ll post the videos of the boys’ perfs of 4jib, in HD, on the mainpage~~~

The download and watch pages are now only going to be updated on request (ie. if you want something that you can’t find, I’ll try my best to find the link for you) – only 4th jib perfs will be updated regularly

I will only post cyworld entries, not twitter from now on, unless the entries are really important~~

There will probably be less fan photos, but I’m not sure yet~~~

That’s all for now, still enjoy your visit!

[MOD] Hiatus

May 16, 2010

Hey everyone! (again)

I’m going to go on hiatus starting tomorrow until about June 7. I know that it’s a really long time…..but I really won’t have enough time to post…

If i do have time, i will come back and post some things like, download links, performances and schedules for SJ…and possibly official photos…..

Please bear with me during this time!!!

[OTHER] Would anyone like to help update (blog) about SJ…?

May 8, 2010

Hey everyone~~~!

Um…sorry about the lack of posts lately…been wayyyyyy too OTT busy X.X what with school, exams, and catch -ups etc.etc.

So……I was wondering whether anyone would like to be kind enough to help me blog as well? Esp. during these couple of weeks~~~ I’m not asking for like, full on, dedicated 24 hours, but it would be nice if you had about 20-30 mins free a day to update~~~~

It’s fine if you’re a newbie – you just need to create a wordpress account~~~Please contact me via my email on the right sidebar if you’re interested! Or leave a comment with your contact email or something…? Thanks!

Otherwise, I’d just like to ask for some leniency if i don’t post much~~O.o

[VID] Shanghai World Expo Korean Pavilion Promo Vid

May 7, 2010

[VIDS] 100504 Shanghai World Expo Promo Vids w/SMTOWN – Super Junior M, Yunho and f(x)

May 7, 2010


[NEWS/GOSSIP]Soshi only got 3 sections? We are more popular… Why do we have so much less seats compared to super junior?”

April 24, 2010

On the top picture, ELF notice of their sections to take from G to P (the red lines are something else lol)
On the bottom picture, Sones’ notice to take Super Junior fan seats.