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[NEWS/CAPS] 100801 Kyuhyun talks about his ideal time during blind date

August 2, 2010

Suju Kyuhyun “On blind date when we’re having meal , woman who offers to pay the drink is charming”

[Newsen Reporter Lee Eunji]

Super Junior member Kyuhyun revealed his thought about the charming point of opposite gender.

During the broadcast of MBC ” Quiz That Changes The World” (Sebakwi) on July 31, singer Chae Yeon, Super Junior Kyuhyun, Yesung, Donghae, and Park Mi Kyung made an appearance and showed off their skill in talking.

On the talk about the charming point of opposite gender during blind date, Kyuhyun said “If I pay the meal and the woman offers to pay the drink, she impresses me favorably”

He then revealed his real ideal type, “I also pay all, even the drink, but my ideal type is someone who is considerate and say ‘I will pay this one’ ”

*omitted parts that are not kyuhyun’s*

source newsen
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★If you watch the show, what Kyuhyun wants to say is he likes girl who is considerate to other and still wants to join paying the meal.
It’s not that Kyuhyun is lazy and wants the girl pay all the meal and drink for him becoz he would still like to pay all.


[NEWS] 100801 Donghae “I cried because of Heechul hyung”

August 2, 2010

Super Junior’s member Donghae revealed the truth that he had cried because of Heechul hyung when he participate in the MBC show “The Quiz that Changed the World”

Donghae said “Heechul hyung started activities as an actor, and always felt that he changed, so I felt very sad”, “then i told Heechul hyung ‘Hyung, you seemed to change, is different from the past, I don’t want to face a hyung like this’, after saying it, because I was too upset, I cried out. In the end, Heechul hyung told me ‘yeah, I felt that I changed a little too, thanks for reminding me’”, and this caused the whole group to find back the initial group-work spirit that they had.

Yesung said “Donghae is already a cry-baby, even if we joke with him he will also cry angrily”, and so Donghae imitated himself crying, causing everyone to laugh.

Credit: SJ宝蓝阁
Chinese translation: 小鸭梨
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[VID/DWLD] 100801 Honey Pot – Music Diary Leeteuk

August 2, 2010

lol………i so do not get what’s going on………but TEUKIE IS SO KUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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[NEWS] 100727 The most awkward relationship in SJ is…?

August 1, 2010

The revelation of the “Most awkward relationship in Super Junior”.

On the 27th broadcase of “Good Morning”, Super Junior used “Yes” to answer the MC question of “Even though has debut for so long, but there are still unhappiness, and even the existence of the relationship of not talking to each other”.

The members that received the most votes are Sungmin and leader Leeteuk.

Donghae choses “Sungmin” when asked “The relationship that is awkward if the two of you are together all alone”. Donghae said “Being alone with Sungmin, what should i say? These kind of thoughts will appear.”

Yesung also choses “Sungmin”. “Will have common-thinking with Sungmin, but our personalities are just the opposite”, “I have a very manly personality, but Sungmin’s personality is very detailed and careful”.

SJ’s magnae Kyuhyun chose leader Leeteuk, “Am close with everyone, but if I have to choose one, then it will be Leeteuk”, saying “Seems like, because no matter what happen, there is still a 4~5 years age-gap between us.”

Credit: 晟世容颜
Chinese Translation: 咖咖
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[VIDS/DWLD] 100731 Star King Ep. 173 Cuts + Full show

August 1, 2010

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Youtube Cuts:

Leeteuk – The Dancing Peacock:

LT’s Acting Cut:

Eunhyuk vs Guest:

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[VIDS/DWLD] 100731 Infinite Challenge w/Donghae Cuts

August 1, 2010

Donghae’s dance cut


Full HD:

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Other Cuts:

Jung Jun Ha & Park Myung Soo auditions
Donghae – Sorry Sorry
Haha & Yoo Jae Suk auditions
Hyung Don & Gil auditions…eos=PA8oEECaKgY
Noh Hong Chul audition

Cr: JongmalMolla @ youtube

[SCANS] 100730 Top Idol magazine no.7 – Suju 23p

August 1, 2010


[NEWS] 100730 Kangta & Donghae, Infinite Challenge members’ SM audition judges

August 1, 2010

Kangta from the former idol group H.O.T, and Donghae from the male group Super Junior, will be participating as part of the panel of judges. The recording of MBC “infinity Challenge” that Kangta and Donghae were part of, involved Yoo Jaesuk, Park Myungsoo, Jung Junha, Jung Hyungdon, Noh Hongchul, HaHa, Gil. The 7 idol members challenged entering the auditions in front of a panel of judges.

On the day of recording, the members went to SM Entertainment to take part in their new artiste selections. During the audition held in March, the members stood in front of the judges in the same way as other aspiring candidates. The members put aside their status as celebrities, and showcased their dancing, singing and personal talent.

On this day, the special judges were Kangta and Donghae, and they gave them sharp criticisms based on their experience.

Source: mydaily
Korean to Chinese Translation: 百度韩流部落吧翻譯組
Chinese to English Translation: –dreamx @

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[NEWS] 100728 Leeteuk confesses, after Kangin’s incident, the members went through a hard time

August 1, 2010

Super Junior had quite a few incidents and accidents. Lately, after Kangin’s drinking incident it related to him entering the army. Leeteuk spoke up about this “it is true that there are a lot of incidents and accidents .”

On SBS’s “Bae Gi Wan, Choi Young Ah, Jo Hyung Gi’s Good Morning” which was aired on July 27th, Leeteuk said “at that time, our members went through a hard time.” “We have been together for 10 years. We love and forgive one another like we’re a family.”

Leeteuk also said “When it comes to a member’s mistake, we advice them seriously. We encourage them so that they wont make that mistake again.”

This is Super Junior, however even in Suju there was ‘mean-ness’. Kyuhyun, the youngest went through this for his first 6 months by his elder members. Leeteuk didn’t like the ramyun Kyuhyun made and so he criticized it in front of Kyuhyun.

Source: newsen
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[NEWS] 100727 Kyuhyun “Now in Suju I am the most powerful”

August 1, 2010

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun appeared on SBS Good Morning Summer Special on the morning of the 27th. He talked about how difficult it was for him to endure being bullied by the other members when he first joined the group. Recounting the bullying, Kyuhyun said “(When I first joined) because I was the magnae I had to cook ramen (for the others), but I didn’t know how much water I was supposed to add”, and Leeteuk, while eating, said in a mean way “who cooked this ramen?”.

Kyuhyun then added, “but after that I got power” and “lately I can also act cute (aegyo) and tell the hyungs ‘Hyung give me some food’** and they will also smile and treat me to a meal, and even buy me clothes”.

Eunhyuk then revealed “Kyuhyun’s ‘hyung give me some food’ is said with a demanding tone”.

After that Leeteuk said “you can’t find in other groups a magnae who is ruder than ours” hence bringing about laughter.

At the same time, they also talked about Super Junior having 13 members, and the hardships they had because there were too many members.

*power – the chinese translation used a word which literally translated to “force” but I changed it to “power” so that the original meaning of the word will not be lost so much in translation.
** Very informal

Source: Star News + superjunior吧
Translated from Korean to Chinese: CHAN.@ELFCITY妖精之城
Translated from Chinese to English: exultation @ SJ-WORLD.NET with some editing by Gaia
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