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[NEWS] 100801 Donghae “I cried because of Heechul hyung”

August 2, 2010

Super Junior’s member Donghae revealed the truth that he had cried because of Heechul hyung when he participate in the MBC show “The Quiz that Changed the World”

Donghae said “Heechul hyung started activities as an actor, and always felt that he changed, so I felt very sad”, “then i told Heechul hyung ‘Hyung, you seemed to change, is different from the past, I don’t want to face a hyung like this’, after saying it, because I was too upset, I cried out. In the end, Heechul hyung told me ‘yeah, I felt that I changed a little too, thanks for reminding me’”, and this caused the whole group to find back the initial group-work spirit that they had.

Yesung said “Donghae is already a cry-baby, even if we joke with him he will also cry angrily”, and so Donghae imitated himself crying, causing everyone to laugh.

Credit: SJ宝蓝阁
Chinese translation: 小鸭梨
English translation: minoko2440 @
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[NEWS] 100727 The most awkward relationship in SJ is…?

August 1, 2010

The revelation of the “Most awkward relationship in Super Junior”.

On the 27th broadcase of “Good Morning”, Super Junior used “Yes” to answer the MC question of “Even though has debut for so long, but there are still unhappiness, and even the existence of the relationship of not talking to each other”.

The members that received the most votes are Sungmin and leader Leeteuk.

Donghae choses “Sungmin” when asked “The relationship that is awkward if the two of you are together all alone”. Donghae said “Being alone with Sungmin, what should i say? These kind of thoughts will appear.”

Yesung also choses “Sungmin”. “Will have common-thinking with Sungmin, but our personalities are just the opposite”, “I have a very manly personality, but Sungmin’s personality is very detailed and careful”.

SJ’s magnae Kyuhyun chose leader Leeteuk, “Am close with everyone, but if I have to choose one, then it will be Leeteuk”, saying “Seems like, because no matter what happen, there is still a 4~5 years age-gap between us.”

Credit: 晟世容颜
Chinese Translation: 咖咖
English Translation: minoko2440 @
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[VIDS/DWLD] 100731 Infinite Challenge w/Donghae Cuts

August 1, 2010

Donghae’s dance cut


Full HD:

Credits. | Reuploaded by. Blue★Princez @
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Other Cuts:

Jung Jun Ha & Park Myung Soo auditions
Donghae – Sorry Sorry
Haha & Yoo Jae Suk auditions
Hyung Don & Gil auditions…eos=PA8oEECaKgY
Noh Hong Chul audition

Cr: JongmalMolla @ youtube

[NEWS] 100730 Kangta & Donghae, Infinite Challenge members’ SM audition judges

August 1, 2010

Kangta from the former idol group H.O.T, and Donghae from the male group Super Junior, will be participating as part of the panel of judges. The recording of MBC “infinity Challenge” that Kangta and Donghae were part of, involved Yoo Jaesuk, Park Myungsoo, Jung Junha, Jung Hyungdon, Noh Hongchul, HaHa, Gil. The 7 idol members challenged entering the auditions in front of a panel of judges.

On the day of recording, the members went to SM Entertainment to take part in their new artiste selections. During the audition held in March, the members stood in front of the judges in the same way as other aspiring candidates. The members put aside their status as celebrities, and showcased their dancing, singing and personal talent.

On this day, the special judges were Kangta and Donghae, and they gave them sharp criticisms based on their experience.

Source: mydaily
Korean to Chinese Translation: 百度韩流部落吧翻譯組
Chinese to English Translation: –dreamx @

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[FANCAM] 100724 LT, EH, DH, SM @ Kangta’s concert in Beijing

July 26, 2010

VCR + Performance ~

VCR + Performance ~ (Slightly clearer)

Credit Super Junior Baidu bar taken by Peach + 桃子vicky @ youku

We are the future ~
Credit hsy729 @ youtube

[VID] 100720 Donghae sleeping…from Soy Alice’s twitter

July 20, 2010

that’s so KYUTE!!! kya……lucky soy^^ ps. this might have been staged – “Raspberry Field First Single Being Sold!!” Alice is part of the indie band, Raspberry Field which has recently released their single album, Saturday Afternoon. Donghae is probably helping her to do some promotion. (cre:saphirepearls)

Translation: (cr.msStepiie@youtube)

A: Donghae…Donghae…Wake up…Wake up for a second.
D: Why?
A: Nuna has a serious question.
D: Yeah
A: What are you doing this Saturday afternoon?
D: Saturday?
A: Yeah
D: What do I have? Do I have something?
A: I don’t know. How am I supposed to know?
D: I’ll probably have practice or some scheduled thing.
A: Oh, I see. You probably have Music Core.
D: Yeah, I think so.
A: Oh
D: (mumbles something)
A: What? Radio? What?
D: Look over there. Over there.
A: What? Over there? WHAT IS THAT?

[FANACCOUNT] 100715 Donghae/Siwon @ Central Airport Plaza in ChiangMai

July 17, 2010

I really wanted to scream out a lot when Donghae and Siwon were coming down from the ladder. At that time I couldn’t do anything since I had waited them since the noon and when it reached the time that everyone was waiting. When met those 2 brothers* (I) really wanted to scream out loud but I couldn’t even do it. Then I could only smile and throw an excitement.

When Siwon and Donghae stood close, Siwon looked a bit more taller than Donghae LOL The face of Dong and Won were really clear and Donghae’s leg was so tapering. (I) felt a little bit jealous.

I will skip some part. I saw someone threw down the white box from 3th floor or 4th floor. It fell on by the stage. Siwon looked it and he made a bit sullen emotion out.

This part was really so good. If someone looked when they were playing game. There’s some game that Dong’s team remained only one girl and asked and answered the question (I won’t describe about the game. It’s too long LMAO) Won asked the girl who was in Dong’s team that ‘Super Junior’ That girl answered him ‘Marry U’. And Won asked her about ‘Will you married me?’ I really want to be crazy** and then Dong came for dissuading. That girl was hug by Won and Dong too. So jealousssssssss!

ps.The good story for me
Today, Donghae smiled at me too. Well, that time I raised my hand lonely and Donghae smiled at me. I asked my elder sister like ‘Who does Donghae is smiling at?’ and that time my elder sister was also looking at him too. She said ‘He smiles at you.’ Donghae’s smile is so sweet. I’m melting!

*She mention to Donghae and Siwon.
** She means she was so exciting like she gonna be crazy, don’t mean she would like to be crazy.

Credit: Mont.Tae at
Translated by sonethloveshizz at

[VID] 100716 SBS Tasty Invitation Ep.04 – Donghae Cut

July 17, 2010
Cr: 七禾页 @ Tudou

[PIC/NEWS] 100716 Donghae “Sorry Sorry, for doing a pictorial alone”

July 16, 2010

Donghae who is ‘in charge of beauty’ in Super Junior has made a surprise ‘solo’ on High Cut.

The title of the pictorial was ‘Un-expected Man’ and Donghae was showing a sweet but extravagant side as a boy.

By using the 6 years of preparation as an idol there was the freedom to shoot photos and use props and this has made the staff surprised.

The ‘Tough guy’ who said that if there is a girl he loves he will shout “I love you!” in the middle of MyungDong, he is happy to live as an idol but next time the ‘Extravagant Guy’ wants to be born as a football player, a ‘Popular Guy’ who has around 18 thousand followers on Twitter, a ‘Passionate Guy’ who wants to challenge himself to movies and dramas. The 24 year old, fresh like the Donghae (East Sea) will have his summer pictorial revealed online on the 33rd issue of High Cut.

Translations: Seungeun Lee@SJWORLD.NET
Source: Yahoo Media

[VID] 100716 High Cut Magazine Photoshoot BTS – Donghae

July 16, 2010

Cr: 하이컷 + Reuploaded by cleaver487 @