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[NEWS] 100731 Shindong: “my girlfriend likes Nickhun more than Super Junior”

August 1, 2010

[TV Report] Recently revealing his girlfriend to the public and spoke up his mind about wanting to get married, Super Junior Shindong confessed about his awkward relationship with his girlfriend.

In the recent participation on KBS’s Happy Birthday recording, Shindong revealed that “My girlfriend likes 2PM Nichkhun more than Super Junior members”.

During recording, Shindong said that he is very conservative and has a bad guy personality. For instance, he said to his girlfriend, “I asked what she wanted to eat but eventually I ate what I wanted to eat”.

Members who also participated in the filming, Leeteuk, openly discussed about Shindong’s girlfriend, “There is no problem for him to announce about his girlfriend, but because of the talks going on about Shindong’s marriage, Shindong’s girlfriend has become more of an issue than the 4th album and it made us feel sad”. On Shindong’s girlfriend, Leeteuk said “She came to visit our dorm and we have met each other”. He also praised her, “She is a combination of cute, petite and sexy”.

Super Junior Shindong and Leeteuk’s recording for KBS 2TV’s “Happy Birthday” will be airing on August 2.

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[CAPS] 100724 Star King Ep.173 caps w/Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk

July 26, 2010

Reduced: 66% of original size [ 960 x 642 ] – Click to view full image

Reduced: 66% of original size [ 960 x 642 ] – Click to view full image

Reduced: 66% of original size [ 960 x 642 ] – Click to view full image

Reduced: 66% of original size [ 960 x 642 ] – Click to view full image

Reduced: 66% of original size [ 960 x 642 ] – Click to view full image

Reduced: 66% of original size [ 960 x 642 ] – Click to view full image

Reduced: 66% of original size [ 960 x 642 ] – Click to view full image

Reduced: 66% of original size [ 960 x 642 ] – Click to view full image

[PICS] 100726 Strong Heart Update w/Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong

July 26, 2010

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[NEWS] 100722 Shindong to appear in new drama “Doctor Champion”

July 25, 2010

Shindong will be casted in the new SBS mini serial, <Doctor Champion> (directed by Park Hyung Ki) as a role of a Judo athlete. A production representative of <Doctor Champion> stated,” Shindong, as a member from the idol group Super Junior and Shin Donghee the actor who will be meeting viewers at home is not the same. In the show, the appearances of the Judo athletes will be of characters full of vigour and can be related to life scenarios. “

Other Super Junior members like Choi Siwon, Kim Heechul and Kim Kibum have made appearances in dramas and movies, expanding in these areas. Shindong, who is a singer and also processes abilities as a programme MC is now expanding into the area of acting. <Doctor Champion> is about a group of national athletes in the Korea Sports Council Training Centre taking responsibilities. There will be conflicts, reconciliation, friendship and love in this drama. Lee So Yeon has been named the main character, while Shindong will be slated to play the friendly guy in the show.

<Doctor Champion> will be broadcasted after <I am Legend> in October.

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[PICS/NEWS] 100721 Shindong – Reason why meeting with both parents were postponed? Selling 200 pieces of chicken each

July 23, 2010

With wedding (to be planned) ahead, Super Junior Shindong confessed that “because of the World Cup, our meeting with both parents was postponed.”

This past 20th(July 20) on SBS “Strong Heart”, Shindong who made an appearance had arranged to meet both parents but had no choice but to postpone it; he confessed the reason.

Shindong “My parents run a chicken house*. But the time it was broadcasted was around the World Cup* time so on that day* they sold 200 (chicken) for every (person). Since his parents were too busy, the meeting of both parents was postponed” is what he said.

Now “the significance of meeting her parents has really expanded. With a wedding (to be planned) ahead, sure enough, greeting with the other parents for the first time was meaningful” he explained.

Shindong said after the broadcast he’s been asked “Are you getting married tomorrow?” For the first time in awhile, Super Junior all gathered (together) and had an emergency meeting” which made the recording set into a laughing sea.
*A fast food place that sells mostly (fried) chicken
*Around the time the World Cup was going on
* The day of the match

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[PICS] 100716 Starking Update w/Shindong, Leeteuk

July 16, 2010

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[NEWS/PIC] 100706 Shindong’s surprising revelation “I’m preparing to get married”

July 7, 2010

Super Junior ShinDong gives a surprising revelation that he is currently preparing to get married with his currently girlfriend.

ShinDong has revealed during his appearance on SBS Strong Heart aired on 6th July. When Super Junior first released their 4th album ‘Bona Mana’ on 13th May, in the ‘Thanks To’ section of the album, ShinDong has expressed his love for his girlfriend using secret codes, as pointed out by fans.

ShinDong said, “To say the truth, the reason why I use secret code is because I really wanted to get married. I asked our agency president beforehand, ‘Is is okay to get married?’ and his answer was ‘Marriage? Good!’”

He added, “I am currently preparing to get married,” which had the other star appearances shocked.

Meanwhile, for Super Junior’s 4th album ‘Thanks To’, ShinDong had left the secret codes to his girlfriend:

‘B2B8, B4B9, B3A8′, ‘B3C6, B4B9′, ‘A4A7B4, B5B6B2, B5B8, A2B8′, ‘C3B7B3, B5B6B2, B5B8, B2C7B2, A4B7, B3A8′, ‘A5B8, B4B8B3, B5A9, A2C6B4, A4A10′, ‘B3A7B3, B3C6B7B2, B5B9′

He revealed that to decipher the message, just key in accordingly on the keyboard to get the Korean characters

‘B2B8, B4B9, B3A8′(나,리,야), ‘B3C6, B4B9′, ‘A4A7B4, B5B6B2, B5B8, A2B8′(우,리,결,혼,하,자), ‘C3B7B3, B5B6B2, B5B8, B2C7B2, A4B7, B3A8′(청,혼,하,는,거,야), ‘A5B8, B4B8B3, B5A9, A2C6B4, A4A10′(사,랑,해,줄,게), ‘B3A7B3, B3C6B7B2, B5B9′(영,원,히)

English translations:

Nari ah. Let’s get married. I will propose. I will love you. Forever

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[NEWS[ 100706 Shindong reveals his love story

July 7, 2010

Garnering much interests for losing 20kg early last year, Super Junior ShinDong revealed that he had gone on a diet so as to get together with his girlfriend, who broke up with him, again.
ShinDong talked about his girlfriend, 2 years younger than him, that on SBS Strong Heart aired on 6th July. He explained, “To say the truth, my girlfriend is a junior at college. I’m in the class of 04 and she is in the class of 06. I did not meet my girlfriend until graduation. I received my graduation album and I was asked if I received my TA and I joked “Can I choose from here?’. So there was this photo of my girlfriend in the album, and when I saw it, I said ‘this is the one’ and I asked for the professor to link us up.”

ShinDong said, “We were going out for about 1 year when we told our parents about it but they objected so we broke up. Back then my weight was 104 kg, and it was hard gaining weight. I guess it was because I kept eating.”
He continued, “So I started my diet and shed 24 kg. To say the truth, after I broke up with my girlfriend, I had a phone conversation with her, and she made an unreasonable request for me to loose weight. I lost 10 kg but she refused to get back with me. So I lost another 10 kg and in all I lost 20 kg, and finally she got back with me.”
Also on the show that day, ShinDong revealed that he is currently preparing to get married with his girlfriend. And he did a video message to his girlfriend on the show, “I have not proposed properly to you yet. Nari ah, the thing I feel the most after I’ve met you is that without you I feel heartache. And I feel for the first time that if there is you, I would feel happy always. Will you be with me happily forever? Will you marry me?”
ShinDong also did a video message to both their parents, “I have confidence. Because I have confidence that we will be happy forever, please approve and bless us.”

Source: MTStarnews
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[NEWS/PIC] 100628 Shindong and Park Gyuri transform into Avatar!

July 1, 2010

MBC radio ‘ShimShimTaPa’ DJs ShinDong and Park GyuRi transform as characters from movie Avatar.

The 2 had promised to transformed as characters from Avatar even though the South Korean team did not managed to enter the top 8 World Cup teams on their Twitter on 28th June. And on 29th June during ‘ShimShimTapa’, the 2 were really seen transformed as Avatar characters.

Listeners’ comments were, “I was shocked to see them with the makeup”, “This is incredible”, “Fun” etc. ShinDong said, “We did say that we will transform as Avatars if S.Korean team enter the top 8 in World Cup, but even though they did not managed to do so, we have came to the show transformed as Avatars.”
Park Gyuri said, “Today you will be able to see us on ShimShimTaPa. Even though the S.Korean team did not make it in World Cup, they have worked hard and ShinDong and I have decided! Please look forward to our Avatar transformation.”

Meanwhile, the 2 also posed with DJ Park GyungRim with their blue Avatar makeup on.

Source: MTStarNews
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[NEWS] 100627 Shindong and Sungmin’s weird sleeping habits..

June 27, 2010

On the 27th episode of MBC “Fantasy couple – Love’s classroom” where Shindong, Donghae and Sungmin were guests, Shindong revealed that he does not wear clothes when he sleeps.

Shindong said that sometimes the other member’s does not like it that he does not wear clothes to sleep. Shindong revealed that has the temperature goes up he ends up taking off his clothes while sleeping. He said, “It gets hot in the morning, when I wake up and I look at my body I will be surprised and embarrassed at the same time” causing laughter in the audience.

The MC’s suggested that he should wear Overall’s when going to sleep since overall’s are hard to take off as a solution for his stripping while sleeping.

Meanwhile, Sungmin also revealed that he wears dresses when he sleeps.

Source: Newsen
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Super Junior sungmin has confessed “I sleep in wearing a dress”.

On the June 27th broadcast of MBC “Fantasy couple – Love’s classroom”, Sungmin revealed that Girls only see’s him as a friend, because of this, Donghae revealed that the reason why he doesn’t have a girlfriend is because of a one piece dress causing embarrassment for Sungmin.

Sungmin said that, “I do not know why I do not have a girlfriend” and he revealed, “I sleep wearing women’s dresses” surprisingly revealing his secret.

Sungmin confessed, “These days, I wear a dress from pink to light blue and i have bought another new one” making the audience laugh with his confession.

The MC Suggested that instead of wearing a one piece dress he could wear pajama’s or wearing boxer shorts, offering a solution to his problem for not having women look at him as a man.

Source: Newsen
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